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fight da powa!
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09 10 20 - IC Contact Post
break through the dream
Great Kamina-sama here!  I'm out kickin' tons of ass so say what you gotta say and I'll get back to ya faster than you can say "THE DAI GURREN DAN IS THE GREATEST DAN THAT EVER IS, WAS, OR WILL BE!"
do the impossible
This post will stay at the top of this journal for 24/7 "how's my driving".  Leave any concerns you have with my characterization of Kamina here and I'll definitely get to it.  Anon posting is on so don't be afraid to let it rip!  Concrit is awesome.  =Db
20 11 11(no subject)
can this get any more boring?
[a puppy wearing a rather interesting collar pendant stares into the screen and sighs.  its short whine is translated via the community through subtitles although the meaning is pretty obvious.]

I hate this.
can this get any more boring?
What's this community got with ghosts?
20 10 11(no subject)
am i not the coolest i mean damn
[kamina sits on his scratched, well-loved bicycle with one foot on the ground and the other resting on a pedal.] Yo, everybody.  I gotta show you all how amazing I am at this thing now!

'fore that though, you ain't gotta use secrets to tell me anything.  Ya can if you want 'cause you might think some of it's embarrassing, but telling me in person is just as good.  I won't laugh or say anything to hurt your feelings, promise, and the promise of the great Kamina-sama is one that's never broken!


[he pushes off with only the slightest wobble and easily glides several yards; he disappears at high speed down a huge hill at the very edge of the camera's view on his next lap, shouting "WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!"  yep.  king of the wild frontier.]
19 08 11(no subject)
can this get any more boring?

no, but really, it's a video montage of kamina getting hit in the face with confetti every time he opens doors.  the last clip shows him jumping out of the door's path and peeking around the frame.  no confetti.  he grins triumphant, entering the room. 

the confetti hits him in the back of the head on his way out.
20 06 11(no subject)
far and away
Wherever you're at, happy Father's Day, Pop.
06 06 11(no subject)
fighting spirit

Now this kid's got guts!  I LIKE HIM!  
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